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What is Disc Golf anyway? Disc golf (also known as "frisbee golf" and "Folf" or "Frolf") is played much like traditional golf. Players use flying discs (golf discs or Frisbees®) and play holes that start with a tee area and end with a Disc Golf Basket or Target. The player who puts his disc in the basket in the fewest number of throws wins the hole. The sport was formalized in the 1970s and is governed by the Professional Disc Golf Association or PDGA. Currently, there are more than 1,750 disc golf courses worldwide, with over 1,400 in the USA.

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Lesson Plans - Outdoor Recreation - Frisbee Golf
The three twin cities metro intermediate school districts have cooperatively developed a framework for integrating graduation standards with center-based and low-incidence programs. ... local/community Frisbee Golf Course. Group Size: 4-8 ... the map of the Frisbee golf course. Have the students spilt ... locate the start of the course for the first hole ...

PDGA Online Disc Golf Course Directory
PDGA - Wildwood Park, 3841 Dogwood Lane, Appling, GA 30802 PH:706-261-NDGC (6342) proud sponsors. PDGA Online Disc Golf Course Directory. Search Directory of 2,133 Courses ... 2.5. Adrian Disc Golf Course. 3.5. Treasure Cove DGC ... Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada ...

Minnesota Frisbee Association :: View topic - NEW MINNESOTA DISC GOLF COURSE PROPOSALS 2005
Minnesota Frisbee Association. A growing disc community since 1975. Calendar. Author. Message. Bill Ashton. Joined: 17 Mar 2004. Posts: 28. Location: Burnsville, Minnesota

G's Rants: Minnesota Golf
Thursday, June 30, 2005. We tried a new game last night: Minnesota Golf. Actually, it really isn't Minnesota Golf, I took the idea of the real game Minnesota Golf and combined with Frisbee Golf. The real Minnesota is more like horseshoes. ... throw them around a course ala frisbee golf. The difference is you ...
Subjective, entertaining and informative reviews of many Minnesota golf courses ... After we crowned Giants Ridge "Best Public Golf Course in Minnesota" in the summer of 1998 a lot ... inspired move, an 18-hole Frisbee golf course has now been opened ...

Frisbee Golf Study Guide
Study guide for frisbee golf unit in physical education at Farmington Middle School-West in Farmington, MN ... What is Frisbee Golf? Disc Golf is a relatively new sport ... to the traditional golf game, a course is composed of ... Minnesota Frisbee Association: ...

MFA Disc Golf Locator
Minnesota Disc Golf Locations - shows you how to get to all the disc golf courses in Minnesota ... Welcome to the Official. Minnesota Frisbee Association. Disc Golf Course Locator. for the land of 10,000 lakes ... To find a course in Minnesota use the left side bar to ...

Minnesota Frisbee Association :: View Forum - General Course Discussions
... Minnesota Frisbee Association. A growing disc community since 1975 ... Archives Disc Golf Course Development-General Course DiscussionsMinnesota Course Developement The ...

Giants Ridge Golf Course - Biwabik, MN :
Get details on Giants Ridge Golf Course - Biwabik, MN, at Citysearch - over 1 million user reviews & editorials about local businesses.

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