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Welcome to Disc-O-Inferno, your source for some of the hottest custom dyed discs and accesories on the internet. It will be a slow start up but we will be offering many more products in the upcoming future. As we set up shop you will see more of our custom dyes as well as special offers for bags, baskets, and popular discs.

Keep visiting us and feel free to send us ideas of disc designs you would like to see!

What is Disc Golf anyway? Disc golf (also known as "frisbee golf" and "Folf" or "Frolf") is played much like traditional golf. Players use flying discs (golf discs or Frisbees®) and play holes that start with a tee area and end with a Disc Golf Basket or Target. The player who puts his disc in the basket in the fewest number of throws wins the hole. The sport was formalized in the 1970s and is governed by the Professional Disc Golf Association or PDGA. Currently, there are more than 1,750 disc golf courses worldwide, with over 1,400 in the USA.

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PDGA Info -> Resources -> DiscLife.com
Information about the Professional Disc Golf Association. ... Today the PDGA is run by the players and is overseen by a volunteer board of directors who ... by the member population. The PDGA has grown over the years to ...

PDGA Eurotour
... Welcome to the PDGA Eurotour! After 9 of 10 played events, Emil Isaksson from Sweden leads the tour ... final event of the 2006 PDGA Eurotour, we look forward to see ...

PDGA National Tour 2004
2006 Tour Player Handbook. Table of Contents. Introduction. This handbook outlines procedures and guidelines for PDGA events. ... 1.1 Pre-registration is highly recommended for all players competing in a PDGA Tour event ... abide by all information given in the PDGA Handbook and all PDGA Rules of Play ...

PDGA - Wildwood Park, 3841 Dogwood Lane, Appling, GA 30802 PH:706-261-NDGC (6342) A Guide to Disc Golf from the PDGA. What is Disc Golf? Disc golf is played much like traditional golf.

X-Cart DiscNation DEV - PDGA Tournament Bag
You want it, and we've got it! The PDGA Tour bag is one of the finest bags made. It is constructed from heavy weight nylon material, with heavy-duty zippers. The main compartment has room for up to 15 discs, features an accordion-style divider...

Odeo: Audio tagged with pdga
... Tag: pdga. Newest Audio tagged with pdga (rss, xspf ... Click "play next" to start listening to audio tagged pdga ...

PDGA Course Directory for Palm
PDGA Course Directory for Palm (v1.3) This application contains a searchable database of the PDGA's Disc Golf Course Directory. If you're traveling to, say, Alabama, and you want to know what courses are around, this app is for you. ... Updates to the PDGA Course Database will be provided on a periodic basis and also be free of charge ...

PDGA Pro Shop
PDGA Pro Shop. Your online place to get all your Official PDGA Merchandise...all proceeds benefit the Professional Disc Golf Association! Featured Item(s) PDGA Playing Cards - NEW ITEM! PDGA Bag Tag - NEW DESIGN for the 2007 season

Points FAQ -> PDGA Info -> Resources -> DiscLife.com
Information about how points are awarded within the Professional Disc Golf Association. ... Current PDGA members earm points by competing in a Professional or Advanced Amateur division at sanctioned PDGA Tour events ...

PDGA - Wildwood Park, 3841 Dogwood Lane, Appling, GA 30802 PH:706-261-NDGC (6342) Updates. Next Ratings Update 9/19/06. Kenny and Des - your 2006 PDGA Worlds Open Champions! Des Reading's final putt of the 2006 Pro World Championships ... The 25th Anniversary PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships commenced in Augusta, Georgia ...

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