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What is Disc Golf anyway? Disc golf (also known as "frisbee golf" and "Folf" or "Frolf") is played much like traditional golf. Players use flying discs (golf discs or Frisbees®) and play holes that start with a tee area and end with a Disc Golf Basket or Target. The player who puts his disc in the basket in the fewest number of throws wins the hole. The sport was formalized in the 1970s and is governed by the Professional Disc Golf Association or PDGA. Currently, there are more than 1,750 disc golf courses worldwide, with over 1,400 in the USA.

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Maine Disc Golf Championship Results
Maine Disc Golf Championship. June 14, 2003. Dragan Field, Auburn, ME. TD: Bob Enman. Avg. SSA (21 holes) = 55.4. Advanced Open. Place. Name. PDGA. R1

Quaker Hill Farm - Disc Golf course located in Fairfield Maine
Quaker Hill Farm is a disc golf course located in Fairfield Maine. ... hill above Martin Stream at 386 Middle Road in Fairfield, Maine. The area, now known as North Fairfield ... What is disc golf? It is a reasonably priced sport that can ...

Beaver Brook Disc Golf
BEAVER BROOK. DISC GOLF COURSE. NORTH MONMOUTH, MAINE. <hr size="10" color="FFFF00" width="1050" align="center"> TIRED OF LOSING YOUR BALLS??? TRY DISC GOLF!!! cCome and experience the thrill of one of the oldest courses in New England. ... Course Designed & Constructed by Ed Hedrick "The Father of Disc Golf ...

Maine Disc Golf dot Com presents the Maine Games Disc Golf Tournament
Disc Golf has come to the Maine Games. For the first time, disc golf will be a medal sport in the Maine Games, a state-wide, Olympic-style sports festival.

Maine Private Golf Courses
... Times' listing of Maine's Private Golf Courses. Information given is ... Web Site (if available). Maine Private Courses. Golf Club. Address ... Zip. Telephone. Golf Club. Address. City. Zip ...

Maine Disc Golf Courses
Disc golf courses in Maine. ... Maine. Auburn - Dragan Field. Bangor - Gopher Ridge Disc Course. Bowdoinham - Acker's Acres. Brunswick - Enman Field. Caribou - Enman Riverside. Fairfield - Quaker Hill Farm Disc Golf ...

Cranberry Valley Disc Golf-- Maine Disc Golf
Cranberry Valley disc golf is a new disc golf course in the heart of the western lakes and mountains. This is a full 18 hole course with a pro shop bakery and more. Torunaments are scattered throughout our schedule. We are located in Turner on ...

Maine Disc Golf dot Com
Countdown to the Enman Riverside Championships: 1 day, 9 hours, and 21 minutes ago. Welcome to, online home of the Maine Championship Series and the Maine Points Race. ... back to the site often for the latest information about Maine Disc Golf events and courses ... Caboose Classic (MCS) June3-Dragan Disc Golf Championships (MCS) May20-BAP Championships ...

The Maine Disc Golf Championship
Presented By: The Maine Disc Golf Championship. A - PDGA B-Tier – NE Points – MADG - Event. USADGC QUALIFIER. June 14th 2003. Dragan Field, Auburn, Maine. Entry Fees

Woodland Valley Disc Golf - Southern Maine's Premier Disc Golf Course
Welcome To Woodland Valley Disc Golf, Southern Maine's Premier Disc Golf Course. Copyright 2005-06 Woodland Valley Disc Golf Inc. 106 Burnham Rd, Limerick, ME 04048. 207-793-2749. Webmaster

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